• The Future According to Stanton DeFreitas

  • Posted on April 12, 2017
  • Since Stanton DeFreitas was a young man being raised among the epic diversity of the infamous Scarborough section of Toronto, he has felt very fortunate to have been raised in such a unique environment. His experience as a Canadian with roots in Caribbean culture, he felt privileged to have both witness and even participate in many different cultures from places all over the world. He strongly believes that such a level of exposure to different people has informed his career as an international business consultant and that it has had a positive impact.

    It is Stanton DeFreitas’ view that everyone, regardless of where they come from, is a citizen of the world. He sees that as distinct from being a citizen of a specific country and he wishes that everyone would make an effort to broaden their horizons, whether they do so spiritually, academically and culturally. That approach is what marks Stanton DeFreitas’ international business travels, which cover the world, and he believes that it has made him into far more than just an entrepreneur.

    Now that he has made a significant mark on business, Stanton DeFreitas has a new goal in mind. He wants to become a writer who is uniquely capable of communicating to people on a large number of the issues he believes are most important to society, Ike current events, sports, travel and even personal health and wellness. However, rather than limiting the discussion to a country or two, he wants to write from an international perspective. After all, it has been shown often that we all work better together, that different culture may have a solution to a problem that would benefit all other cultures and that we will never find out if we limit ourselves to our own little bubble.

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